Dance Classes

Professional Dance Training in Boulder City, NV

No matter your age or skill level, Dance Etc. has a class for you. Our dance instructors, who have experienced much success at the professional level, will work with you whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, striving for a dancing career or just having fun. Our studio is one big family that wants every student to feel at home while they’re with us. We encourage our dancers to work hard, create life-long friendships and chase their dreams!

Visit our Blog Page to view some of our spectacular dance performances, held at the historic Boulder Theater in downtown Boulder City!

Our dance classes include:

  Baby & Pre Ballet

3 – 4 years old / 45 min.

This is a magical class, teaching Ballet basics and creative movement with sing along songs, tutus and magic wands.

Dress Code: Hair up in a bun; pink leotard, pink tights and pink slippers with the elastic sewn on.

  Tap/Jazz Combo

4 years old – Kinder / 45 min.

This class teaches Tap basics from shuffles to buffalos. The Jazz portion includes flexibility exercises and isolation movements mixed with rhythm and lots of fun!

Dress Code: All hair must be off of face & neck, short bangs are OK. Dancers must wear clothes to stretch in. Any color leotard, unitard or bike shorts. Wear a fresh pair of socks, black patent leather Mary Jane Tap shoes & Ballet slippers (with elastic sewn on) for Jazz. No T-shirts, skirts, jeans or slacks.


Kinder & up / 45-90 min.

This class teaches the style of classical ballet. It has an emphasis on grace and fluid movements of the body with precise footwork. Ballet is the basis of all technique for all dance styles and is important to master if you wish to advance and progress in other dance styles.

Dress Code: All hair for ballet must be in a bun – NO EXCEPTIONS. Pink tights, black leotard, skirts (no longer than mid-thigh) and pink slippers with elastic sewn on. In the winter, you may wear a tight shrug or Ballet sweater.


1st grade & up / 45-90 min.

Jazz is a style that is constantly growing and changing. It was first performed in Broadway shows and has progressed over the years to popular commercial dance. It consists of isolated movements of the entire body with explosive leaps and turns. Ballet technique is a plus.

Dress Code:: All hair should be in a ponytail, or secured off of the face. Please wear dance clothes, not school clothes. Stretch pants, leotards, etc. No jeans, slacks or skirts. Acceptable Jazz or Lyrical shoes are as follows: a slip on, split sole Jazz slipper, a tan Jazz sandal or ballet slippers. There are no Jazz sneakers allowed for Jazz, but they are OK for Hip-Hop.


4 & 5 years old Coed enrolled in Tap & Jazz combo / 1st-3rd grade Coed enrolled in Jazz / 4th grade & up Coed. / 45-60 min.

This is a young style of dance that is created from African and urban street. It is growing and changing year after year and is very popular with kids and in commercial dance. Jazz experience is a plus.

Dress Code: Same dress as Jazz Class. You may wear looser clothes and Jazz sneakers for Hip-Hop.


5th grade & up / 60-75 min.

This class incorporates Ballet, Modern and Jazz styles performed to contemporary music and lyrics. It uses a pedestrian style of movement that creates a story using body lines and the relationship with weight and space with contact improv as well. Contemporary dancers must have two years of Ballet and Jazz experience. Must take Ballet or Jazz to enroll.

Dress Code: Same dress as Jazz Class.


6th grade & up / 60 min.

Learn the basics of Swing, Mambo, Waltz, & more. Girl dancers must supply a boy partner.

Dress Code: Clothes you can move in – No sneakers. Wear Jazz shoes or Character shoes.

  Musical Theater

 Broadway Babies (4 yrs. – 1st gr.)/ 45 min.

Broadway Stars (2nd gr.- 5th gr.)/ 45 min.

Broadway Bound (6th gr. & up)/ 60-75 min.

This class will take you on an exciting journey through the history of Broadway musicals, as well as musical theater dance styles from different theatrical shows and choreographers. Remember, Broadway uses Tap, Jazz, & Ballet in their productions, so experience in all dance styles is a plus. Musical Theater dancers must have at least one year of Tap and Jazz experience. Must take Jazz and Tap to enroll.

Dress Code: Same dress as for Jazz and Tap. Please have all shoe types.


3rd grade & up / 45 min.

Dance Etc. is proud to keep the rich tradition of Irish dancing alive. Our instructors incorporate the latest steps and styles into their routines while preserving the traditional aspects of Irish culture. Irish dancers must have 2 yrs Tap experience. Must take Tap to enroll.

Dress Code: Same dress as for Tap class.


1st grade & up / 60-90 min.

Acrobatics, also practiced as a sport, is a subdivision of gymnastics that highlights one’s balance, agility and coordination abilities. It’s an athletic style that requires full-body control and strength. Dance Etc. can help any student eager to dive into the world of acrobatics.


(Miss Kate invitation only) 60-75 min.

This class is for dancers who have had ballet technique classes and have developed the strength and discipline to perform on Pointe. Must take Ballet to enroll.

Dress Code: Same dress code as Ballet Class above with well-fitted Pointe shoes.

For more information about the dance disciplines we teach, call our studio today by calling (702) 293-5001. If you would like to register for a class, download the appropriate forms above and contact us with any questions. A friendly staff member will be happy to assist you.